Empower educators with great software - in every classroom and on any device.

eduDIGEST is a collection of integrated software solutions and services designed for schools. eduDIGEST is built on the principals of Communication, Efficiency, Learning, Support and Cost Reduction. We call them our 5 pillars. Guided by the pillars and the insights and feedback from educators, eduDIGEST is continuously evolving.

At it’s core eduDIGEST is a system that allows educators to seamlessly communicate with parents and learners through email, sms and web-publishing. Automatically customising each communication to ensure its relevance to each individual. But the scope of eduDIGEST goes way beyond just communication.

To learn more about how eduDIGEST can benefit you, please contact us for a demonstration.

At DataDIGEST we believe when the educator is provided with great tools, the learner will reap the rewards.